Offshore Bank for Sale – Buy a Bank or Build a Bank?

For the last 11 years our consortium have built over 50 Banks globally and have been very successful at establishing the corresponding Banks, Banking Software, Swifts, web presence, and licensing for ourselves and our clients.

Buying an existing Bank is probably the easiest and fastest way to obtain a Banking License. We have a Bank license for sale within an offshore Africa based jurisdiction. Many of the markets we have worked in include Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, Gambia, Ghana, South Africa, Marshall Islands, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya within Africa for Banking licenses. We also have worked with obtaining New Zealand and Canadian Banking licenses, and credit unions within Sweden and other markets.

Offshore Bank licenses are generally a class B license which enables transactions within their free trade zone and or internationally, but clients of the Bank cannot be local residents.
Many of our offshore Banks have been sold to:

Brokerage firms, or people wanting to build a brokerage firm under the Bank license

oInvestment Companies and personal wealth management
o IT firms wishing to launch Crowdfunding through the use of a Bank License offshore
o Companies wishing to set-up their own credit card processing Bank for volume credit card transactions and high-risk businesses
o Offshore retail banking for trusts, International Business Corporations and offshore structures
o Companies wishing to do their own Bond underwritings
o For the setting up of an Internet Based Bank
o Offshore Bank for Asia based clients and investment schemes
o PPP programs looking for method to send their own swifts and build SKRs for clients

The Bank for sale will allow for:

o To accept cash deposits of any type (depository transactions).
o To provide loans and borrow funds (loan transactions).
o To carry out the service of forming bonds and listing them as a sponsor on stock exchanges
o To carry out currency and exchange transactions.
o To issue securities and credit cards processing.
o To provide securities safekeeping, manage securities and accomplish securities purchase or sale.
o To act as intermediary in securities trading.
o To provide guarantees of any type (guarantee business).
o To effect payments (opening of accounts for legal entities and individuals).
o To hold assets, capital, precision metals, bonds, shares or another financial instruments for third parties.
o To undertake electronic commerce (e-commerce).
o To provide other financial services.
o To carry on business as capitalists, financiers, promoters, and concessionaires and participate in, undertake, carry on and execute all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial, trading, exploitation, development, agency and other operations and to advance or provide money, with or without security, to concessionaires, inventors, patentees and others, for the purpose of improving and developing or assisting to improve and develop any concessions, lands or otherwise, or of experimenting, improving, testing or developing any invention, design or process industrial or otherwise.

o To become a sponsor bank on any stock exchange that will effectively accept and allow the Bank to operate within their exchange and market.
o To become a sponsor bank on any stock exchange that will effectively accept and allow the Bank to operate within their exchange and market.

If you are interested in purchasing this Banking License contact and we will send you a detailed report and demo of the Bank software utilized.

If you are looking to build a Bank, the costs are drastically lower, a full Bank license takes 30 days to obtain including software to operate the Bank and correspondence accounts globally will cost $100,000 USD to $150,000 USD depending on the jurisdiction. For building a Bank, please contact but be sure to tell us which service you would like, to buy a bank or build a bank.

If you have a Bank license but need to purchase Bank software, Crowdfunding Software, or Brokerage Software, please also contact us as we have a plethora of internally built systems for all of our clients and likely have a cost effective solution for you.

Bank Licenses for Sale or Build a Bank License