African Companies Choose the NYSE Euronext for Stock Exchange Listings

Go public on the fastest growing market tailor made for SME Companies, the NYSE Euronext. There have been over 20 listings of African Companies from Mining to Telecom companies, with several specialist firms who raise capital for African projects. There are a massive number of opportunities for African based companies to list on the NYSE […]

IFXBG Limited Withdraws Membership from GXG Markets and Appoints RST Capital as Client Sponsor

For Immediate Release (Special Message: If you are looking to list on the GXG Markets UK, the best broker dealer to contact is RST Capital, or email Effective immediately, IFXBG will send all listings to RST Capital for the GXG Markets.) For Immediate Release March 18th 2013. On 6th February 2013 IFXBG Limited […]

Financing In Africa

Financing In Africa: The Continent of the 21st Century for Commodities, Business Development, Entrepreneurship with Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is an ideal location for the expansion of financial services, development of Stock Markets, Listing of firms and assets, and creation of bonds for financing globally.  All of the SSA Countries have international rating and […]

Trading Metals in Africa – Gold, Platinum, Copper, Cobolt, and Beyond

Trading Metals in Africa – Gold, Platinum, Copper, Cobolt, and Beyond Financing In Africa is interest in sourcing precious metals, minerals, and rare earth’s within the African Continent for trading internationally through the licensed broker dealers and trading partners. Partners and suppliers within Africa are welcome to become intermediaries for Mineral and Metals trading within […]


Within the African Continent one of the leading methods of knowing the advancement of a Country is by its acknowledgement of an International Rating and Issuance of Sovereign Bonds. However, regardless of the Countries rating of their Bond Issuance rating, within the private sector there are often opportunities for investment that are AA rated regardless […]