Financing In Africa has over 1000 global partners for the distribution of news on financial websites, portals, and public relations release services. African Companies in addition to packaging their business need to be able to have a solid distribution plan for news and awareness to bring the global players and investors to come to them.

The financial markets believe in Africa, and want to invest in African projects but rarely do they hear of the opportunities because the public relations for the Companies generally do not expand outside of the continent.

African-Wide news venues and public relations is also available with over 100 subsiduary websites associated to financing in Africa, public announcements to over 50 African markets and points of interest is available to African Companies through Financing In Africa public relations services.

Financing In Africa has also partners with the Sophisticated Investor Register,, a database of over 500,000 global investors who have qualified to make investments into firms by their level of sophisticated investment experience and opt-in interest. Through our network of financial partners, Financing In Africa has access to a network over over $100 billion for Companies. Awareness campaigns targeting these networks are available on a custom basis.

Whether you are already part of a Stock Exchange Listing, are going public, want to go public, or are in need of private funding and consulting, public relations will assist you meet your goals!

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