Financing In Africa has an international team of registered broker dealers, clearing houses, registrars, and platforms built to create world class trusts and funds for Africa and Emerging Markets.

For Existing Funds and Trusts

Through the IFXBG Clearing and Settlement system, Financing In Africa can clear your Hedge Fund, Investment Fund, Unit Trust, Trust, and any other kind of financial vehicle globally. The hardest part of starting a Fund is the dematerilization and entry into platforms globally for clearing and settlement, as well as listing and advancing the Fund, IFXBG covers this. In addition, IFXBG can prepare and manage the valuation and rating process for Funds or their investments.

Build Your Fund Compartment or Trust

The creation of the Fund or Trust is a key element of its appeal to investors and positioning on the international financial markets. Our Specialists provide a turn-key solution.

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