Welcome to Financing in Africa

Financing In Africa is a complex network of financial exchanges such as the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the SADC region, the ECOWAS region, the African Union, all of whom are working together to try to integrate and link financial markets across Africa. The mandate and mission of Financing In Africa as a subsidiary of the IFXBG Limited (http://www.ifxbg.com) is to assist over 50 African States in exposing their entrepreneurs, SMMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), tenders, infrastructure, development, and Government to public-private financing globally. The services link unique securities and capital market products from all the top stock exchanges and trading platforms for commodities and markets in Africa to investors, issuers, institutions, buyers, sellers, and traders.

Financing in Africa carries a unique mandate with its counterpart International Financial Exchange and Banking Group http://www.ifxbg.com, who have partnered with various African Financial Forum’s and organizations to support African Union Countries. (www.au.int).

Exchange Listings​

IFXBG Limited can list firms on European Stock Exchanges, African Stock Exchanges, and trade shares internationally for your firm.

Bond Funding

There are plenty of African Companies from mining, agriculture, manufacturing, publishing, telecom, media, Energy, and beyond that qualify everyday for financing and rating. We provide Bond Formation and Bond trading.

Asset Valuation

Corporate Valuations, Asset Valuations, Mining Property Valuations, IP Valuations, and Share Valuation set the amount of financing a firm or asset can achieve. Valuations are an esstential component of financing and rating.