Clearing Services, Issuer Services, Bond Issuer Services

Our International Financial Exchange and Banking Group (IFXBG) consortium has the ability to build, rate, and trade bonds and other financial instruments. Fundamental to the main fields of business required by our clients are:

Clearing Services takes care of clearing and settlement of securities transactions.

Custody Services offers a depot and back-office service to clients

  • Our clients are issuers of bonds and equities
  • Brokerage Firms and other bond issuers on behalf of their clients
  • Bond Holders
  • End Investors

In addition, our infrastructure with linkages with all CSDs dematerialize securities, we can provide the most efficient clearing and settlement infrastructure for trading securities within Europe, with numerous partners who enable trading internationally clearing from the US & UK Clearing to Europe and several African Countries.

For those familiar with Clearing and Settlement systems, you will appreciate the flexibility of net settlement numerous times a day, real time gross settlement (RTGS), net across both cash and securities positions (lowering liquidity requirements), collateral Pledging solution, state of the art infrastructure ensuring high STP ratio in all parts of the process, automated and risk-free issue and redemption due to delivery versus payment (dvp), auto-reinvestment of dividends, specialized investor services for fund industry and or bonds for investor management, multi-currency investor register, lean AGM system supporting share classes, management and calculation of distribution of fees, reduced transaction costs through a swift gateway, dividend and coupon payout management, and much more…

The IFXBG consortium solution for our clients is all one needs for listing, going public, listing and trading bonds, or building a Fund.

IFXBG – A Valuable Partner you can Afford – Big where it helps and small where it matters!

Due to the nature of the IFXBG consortium, there is a lot we offer, regardless of whether you are a company listed or not or a financial intermediary. Contact us today for a full list of how we can assist your firm for listing, trading, clearing, issuing bonds, rating, valuing firms, and raising capital by way of IPO or the sale of equity.

For professional advice with hands-on practicality and assistance contact and ask about our Clearing Services in Europe. Optimizing the way issuance and trading are managed globally!