Crowd Funding is an ideal tool for empowering companies with a good cause!

Packaging the value of projects in Africa both from an economics level and social impact define the appeal to using Crowd funding as a source of collective co-operation and capital by an international pool of potential investors or philanthropists.

Crowd funding has been often associated to philanthropy, giving to a cause, however the pooling of money and other resources via the internet and or as local investment pools have attracted micro-financing and equity investments to get companies off the ground and own part of businesses. In order to initiate Crowd funding, firstly the local and international laws need to appeal, as a licensed Broker Dealer, a proper strategy can be devised to fund your project legally and efficiently utilizing public relations, offering documents, and awareness.

As experts in financing, social media, internet marketing, and packaging the value of your company we funnel the activity through a proper financial house model as a hybrid of crowd funding and an offering.

The effectiveness of your crowd funding goes beyond a do it yourself financing model. There are the proper tools, regulations, and methods of promotion to achieve your goals legally.

Crowd funding is a great way to raise funds for a business, but it is not suited for all businesses. If you are interested in how crowd funding works, setting up your own crowd funding campaign, or building a community for your business through social media, contact and we will put you in place with our Social Media and Crowdfunding specialists.